It’s always challenging to find a yoga place that suits you! There are a lot of different factors that are important in finding a yoga-home. A place where you rol out your mat, enjoy a class no matter what style of yoga, and sip on a nice Yogi tea after or before the class with fellow yogis.

Our nomatyoga-opinion is that you can take your yoga practice everywhere. With or without a yoga mat. But every once in a while (or every day ;)) it’s nice to enjoy a class in a studio nearby. This is also what Marianne de Kuyper thought, founder of the Dutch website: Yoga in de Buurt. Translated as ‘Yoga in the Neighborhood’. Check it our here: www.yogaindebuurt.nl


As an ambassador of Yoga in de Buurt we helped Marianne de Kuyper finding all the yoga studios in the Northern area of the Netherlands. On this website, you can to find a yoga place near you. Do you live in Groningen? Check out the top 5 yoga studios or search your neighborhood on the website. You can’t find yourself on the website yet? Apply now as a yoga teacher or studio and the great team of Yoga in de Buurt will add you to their database.

Fun fact; we, Pia and Marianne, met each other at the local yoga studio at a 21 day yoga challenge. Are you hosting events or looking to join a yoga event in the Netherlands? Soon it’s also possible to find an overview of yoga events on Yoga in de Buurt. Are you hosting an event? Let Yoga in the Buurt know!

We will write an article about different yoga styles soon. If you have any questions about a yoga style let us know in the comments as we are happy to answer them in an article or personal message!



During my college years I worked as a waitress. The restaurant had this great offer to get a gym membership with discount. So my former colleague and lovely friend Jill and I got a membership. I then started to take BodyBalance classes on a regular base. I guess we both liked the vibe and flow of the class and of course the sauna sessions afterwards!

After a while we switched to PowerYoga classes with Mandy Bolder that the gym offered, that’s where my yoga love and journey started. I switched from the gym to the yoga studio of Mandy at whom’s studio I just finished my teacher training. Ever since then I took yoga classes on and off. From once a month to weekly classes. Those college days were the times when I needed yoga the most and didn’t go regularly but that’s how life goes.

As of last year I started working out in the gym again and at the beginning of this year I joined the health-initiative: Personal Body Plan (PBP). I love the combination between yoga and lifting weights. Getting stronger but with proper breathing techniques. Stretching and going for it.


A while ago I saw an announcement for a BoxingYoga workshop at YogaHartHaren. Wow thats cool; boxing and yoga combined! I signed up, asked yogi Esther and Anita from my home studio to join. Esther and I went to the morning session and Anita joined us at the afternoon session. First of all we felt really welcomed at the studio, owned by Angela Gotlieb in Haren. I loved the painting of the word ‘namaste’ on the wall. After a short introduction of the teacher Froukje Heres we started the 90 min BoxingYoga class. Usually the duration is 60 min, but in this particular workshop we took some more time for explanation and much needed ‘childposes’.

BoxingYoga was developed by Matt Garcia, owner of a boxing club in London, and Kajza Ekberg, experienced yoga teacher. They felt the need to add yoga to the regular training routine of boxers. To prevent injuries, heal faster from injuries and to improve the quality of boxing. The BoxingYoga training has 12 rounds split up into four phases: warm-up, strength phase, mobility and cool down.


What an intense class, I felt all my muscles and my core was definitely more than turned ON. I mostly enjoyed the ‘flowy’ part of it. I loved the mobility round with twists and flows all from downward facing dog. It’s a real full body workout separated into different rounds. I must say I missed some centering and of course a well deserved shavasana as a yogi. I discussed this with Froukje and she told me that this training is mostly used for boxers right before their regular boxing training so they need to end the class quite energetically.

I think BoxingYoga is a great way for boxers to improve their training and prevent them from injuries. It would be nice to integrate or teach them some more breathing techniques as well. That has always helped me in the gym when it gets tough. It felt like a bit like a BodyBalance class, because there is one sequence that can be adapted for every level; beginner or experienced. For yogis it’s nice to fire up every once in a while, although I might say I got interested in taking a regular boxing technique class. So if anyone knows a great school in the Northern part of the Netherlands, let me know! 😉

Froukje her mission is to spread her love for ‘BoxingYoga’ in The Netherlands. She is trying to introduce these classes in all 12 provinces in the Netherlands and so far has already done 10! In 2016 she is already organizing two separate 100hr Boxing Yoga teacher training sessions. For more information please take a look at her website: dates of the teacher trainings.

We used our favorite park in Groningen as our yogamat. The beginnings of NoMatYoga had just been born and we were ready to post the next day, or so we thought.

Looking back I realize how little we knew about blogging and all there’s to it. Now, four months later; a move across the world and some teacher training behind us, we are finally there! Actually ready to start posting our learnings about yoga and all those other life happenings. Right?!

We were a bit uneasy that first time of shooting photos around town. Are we good enough? How do we look? Is everyone watching us? Of course we are! Right?! So many questions and such little answers. Well, we just did it! We told ourselves we were going to do this so well, there we go!