Bye bye summer! Hello…winter? Michigan is definitely doing its ‘thing’ these days. Just about two weeks ago we saw our first snowflakes drizzle down the sky and my iPhone weather app tells me right now that it might be in the 70s this week! What? That’s right, 70s in November, can I still call that Indian summer? (For my European friends out there, 70 fahrenheit is 21 celsius!)

Back in July, my husband and I went to Lake Michigan for a work-trip. We took an extra day and it might have been one of the most beautiful days during the whole summer! We were in desperate need of some peace and quiet after the crazy green card-process and move across the world that we just went through. It might have been only one afternoon, but practice some yoga and it suddenly feels like a full blown vacation! Of course we don’t get to practice in such inspiring places daily, but it is so good for the soul to take the opportunity when it arises.

 It is when we are off balance, sad, and unstable, that we ‘forget’ to practice, eat clean and take care of ourselves.

To start building our NoMatYogi community we first started working on an instagram account to explore our style and philosophy. To jumpstart it and give ourselves some incentive to produce daily yoga photos, we participated in a few instagram challenges. In July, I participated in the month-long backbending challenge hosted by the beautiful yogis: Kino McGregor and Kerri Verna sponsored by Alo Yoga.

My ‘lake Michigan’ series above was the result of a month long warm-up and a short warm-up the day off. I certainly deepened my backbends through this challenge but also deepened the spiritual side of my practice. As you read above, I actually moved across the ocean during this challenge and while it might seem crazy to do a daily yoga challenge right in the middle of that, that is when I needed my practice most! Generally, us, human beings, manage our positive/good/healthy habits quite well when we are centered, happy, and stable. It is when we are off balance, sad, and unstable, that we ‘forget’ to practice, eat clean and take care of ourselves. I have been learning to remember my needs when feeling down. Truly that is the first step, so if you don’t remember it by yourself, a daily yoga journal could be great. That way, no matter how you feel, you remind yourself of your practice. Remember though, keeping a journal alone is not enough but you also don’t have to go over board and start practicing two hours a day, create a daily meditation routine and eat healthy every day and every meal!