Tofu! Sometimes I crave meat, sometimes fish and now it is tofu! Yum. Below you can find a recipe of a typical lunch/dinner stir-fry in the Davis’ household. Quick, healthy and TASTY!

I discovered a wonderful substitute for the yummy smoked-tamari-tofu from Ekoplaza in the Netherlands: Trader Joe’s baked and savory tofu!

This recipe is written for two people (maybe with some left overs, maybe not!)

  • 1 cup brown rice (preferably organic; great source of complex carbs
  • 1 small/medium onion (or half a large one)
  • two handfuls of haricot vert/green beans
  • half a package of mushrooms
  • 1 pack of Trader Joe’s: Smoked and Savory Tofu  (or: Gerookte Tofu met Tamari van de bio winkel in NL)
  • 2-3 (or to taste) grated tbs of fresh ginger*
  • 2-3 (or to taste) tbs of Tamari (or regular soy sauce, although I prefer Tamari because of flavor)

Optional: some freshly grated pepper and paprika (NL: paprika poeder)

* I always freeze my ginger in a plastic bag. That way, it doesn’t go to waste quickly, and it is very easy to grate!

Firstly get your brown rice cooking. It usually takes at least 45min or so. Bring 2,5 cups (whichever cup you use for the rice) of water to a boil, add 1-2 teaspoons of high quality salt), add the rice, cover with a lid and bring down to a simmer.

You now have 10-15 minutes before you start the stir-fry process, perfect time to clean those dishes from this morning 😉

Clean up the beans and cut in half. Bring some water with salt (and optionally a touch of olive oil) to a boil, add the beans and cook till tender or however cooked you like your beans, I did mine for 8 minutes or so. Do keep in mind that the beans will cook about 2-3 more minutes. When the beans are done, strain them and set aside.

Cut the onion and start frying on medium heat in a medium/large skillet or Dutch oven. I used olive oil, but coconut oil works just as well! Make sure to stir them from time to time. Meanwhile, you cut the mushrooms in four and add them to the onions after five minutes. Add 2/3 of the tamari and if you wish, you can add the pepper and paprika now. Keep frying for 2-3 minutes (and stirring, it is a stir-fry after all :)) at medium heat while adding the beans, the rest of the soy sauce, and ginger.

Fry the tofu in a separate small frying pan, once crispy and browned you can add it to the veggies!   I personally like to cut my tofu quite small, it gets more crispy that way! 🙂

Once the tofu is done you can add it to your veggies. Do taste!

Now its just a matter of waiting for the rice. If it is not near done, turn off the veggies and reheat a bit when the rice is done, otherwise you can serve it right away!

Having done a variety of cooking workshops in Marocco, Nepal and Bali it was time to do one close by. I came across a vegan workshop at a fairly new place in Groningen, called Anat. Anat is the first place in Groningen that solely serves vegan food!

Set in a cute, old building, which was historically a cigar store, Anat serves lovely salads, soups, and the best sweets. All of which 100% plant based! A year and half ago, I started cooking with less dairy and animal products. It still is kind of a challenge to create tasteful combinations, so this cooking workshop was a win-win.

Together with Marleen, we went to learn all about vegan cooking. It was busy, with twelve other enthusiastic women and one guy! We got paired up in teams and all got to cook two recipes. The workshop’s theme was vegan dinner bites. I paired up with Sanne, with whom I was responsible for the sweet potato and onion chutney, and…the vegan chocolate bites 🙂

Firstly, we got all the ingredients together and started cutting the onions and potatoes. What I liked the most about Anat’s recipes and philosophy was that for most ingredients, you got to decide how much you wanted to add! Why? Because you have to taste over and over again and learn what to add to get the taste how you want it to be. It might sound silly but I discovered that the secret about (vegan) cooking is seasoning! Take our vegan chocolates for example, we didn’t have some of the ingredients and had to get creative. We made a chocolate ganache from dates, cocoa powder, beet juice and beet pulp. To finish it we topped it off with vegan dark chocolate. Yum!

Once everything was prepared we were quite hungry and ready to taste all the colorful dishes! We made a table full of vegan food: sushi, banana bread with cashew cream, courgetti, tofu bites with sate sauce, mini mushroom pies and so much more.

Soon I will share one of the recipes on the blog so stay tuned!

Got hungry? Go try the daily vegan combo at Anat’s place!
Verlengde Grachtstraat 1, Groningen.